The Pasadilla

Coordinates: 27.94778, -15.47097

The Pasadilla

Rural settlement for those who value the tranquility of the countryside and the native culture.

In the middle of the municipality of Ingenio we find a particular enclave, a haven of peace where nature goes hand in hand with a small urban nucleus that is worth discovering.

Located about 7 kilometers from the Historic Center of Ingenio and approximately 10 minutes by car, is La Pasadilla. A town in the municipality where approximately 150 people live. It is a mandatory stop on the way to the summit.

This beautiful corner of Ingenio has much to offer to those who value the tranquility of the countryside and enjoy looking through the eyes of the locals.

Walking through its streets and trails you will find restaurants with typical food of the area, especially rabbit meat and machorra, among others, as well as holiday homes, the small Church of San Antonio de Padua and the rural nature classroom.

Data of interest

This Classroom is fundamentally aimed at disseminating ethnographic values related to the agrarian world, as well as environmental values -given the strategic position of its location, between three Protected Natural Areas- which serves as a mandatory stop for anyone who visits this picturesque and unique Rural Settlement of La Pasadilla.

Near the classroom in the Plaza de San Antonio, the little ones have a playground with which they can enjoy games while the pure air of our fields surrounds them. An ideal place to have a good time after a hiking route with the little ones in the house, or to enjoy a snack in the middle of nature.

Every year thousands of locals from all the islands visit this town to enjoy a very good quality gastronomy made with fresh products from the surrounding area.

The local products obtained from agriculture and local goat and pig farming result in dishes in which simple preparation and natural flavors predominate.

La Pasadilla restaurants have a selection of traditional Canarian food that has been perfected generation after generation. The first dishes include vegetable stews, watercress, chicken soup, the exquisite Canarian stew and chickpeas. Rabbit and machorra meat dishes are famous, very typical of this area in particular. They also have a wide selection of meat, fish, vegetables and desserts.

From La Pasadilla there are several trails that run through the middle of the municipality and even connect with other urban centers in the north and the summit of Gran Canaria. Many others make circular routes (for example, connecting with the El Draguillo ravine and returning to La Pasadilla), while others take us along local roads to the Historic Center of Ingenio. Whichever destination we choose, La Pasadilla is the ideal starting place. In addition, before leaving, you can always prepare your way by going through the little oil and vinegar shop that you will find in this special enclave since 1959.

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In the month of June, the residents of the place are joined by visitors and residents of Ingenio to celebrate a festival in honor of San Antonio Padua where we can enjoy the traditional pilgrimage, traditional markets, horse races and other festive events. If you are lucky enough to visit Ingenio during this month, you cannot miss one of the most original and unique festivals in the region.

The Ratiño Recreational Area is discovered between mountains that preserve that traditional air of the place to share with family and friends 365 days a year.

This space has a series of equipment such as tables and benches protected with pergolas, toilets, barbecues, water points, parking lots, a limited area that provides security, etc., ideal for spending a day in nature.

With capacity for 90 people, the essential requirement is to obtain permission from the Ingenio Local Police, by means of a form that must be filled out at the premises.

It is advisable to call the phone in advance. 928 78 08 25 to know its availability.

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From Gran Canaria Airport
GC-1 highway, s / n, 35230, a la Pasadilla 35259, Ingenio, Las Palmas.



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