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“Moda Calada” Fashion Show


Of all the artisan trades present in Gran Canaria, the specialty of CALADO is the one that has the most presence in the Villa de Ingenio and the one that occupies a large percentage of its artisan population.
Moda Calada emerges as a fashion line for people who want to distinguish themselves with unique garments.
The collections have always been oriented to show various fashion lines such as special moments, wedding, communion, baptism, evening dresses, swimwear line, men’s line, accessories such as ties, earrings, bags, openwork masks, etc.

FASHION and the designers themselves offer a producto different, knowing that INGENIO has it. Twenty continuous editions annually have managed to seal a latent brand and quality image on the catwalks.


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In Ingenio you find different types of trips, from the tranquility that the countryside offers, to the energy rush of kitesurfing, but there is something that remains unchanged, the hospitality of its locals.
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