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International Folklore Festival “People’s Solidarity Show”


Every year the Cultural Association Coros y Danzas de Ingenio organizes the International Folklore Festival “Solidarity Show of the Peoples”. It hosts cultural manifestations from the five continents offering multiculturalism, a mixture of races, customs and traditions of undoubted ethnographic value that has been enriching us as people, through the knowledge of so many peoples.

This meeting aims to unite different peoples and cultures through music, giving the opportunity to share all their cultural heritage with the rest of the participants. The highlights of the festival are the daily performances, parades and workshops. The entire Villa takes to the streets during the week of its course to enjoy the colorful and originality of its parades, performances and workshops. They take place in the Plaza de la Candelaria and in the main avenue of Carrizal, Carlos V, during the second fortnight of July. ( )

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