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Dress up and enjoy costumes and parties.


Color, joy, rhythm and humor fill every corner of the Villa de Ingenio.

Do not miss this great popular event that lasts several days and is considered one of the best in Gran Canaria. Dress up and have fun as engineers have been doing for more than 53 years. Ingenio is proud to celebrate a carnival that takes place in the streets of the municipality. It is a popular carnival that the people themselves invite you to enjoy.

The festival is celebrated in different areas of the municipality, such as Ingenio centro, Carrizal and Playa del Burrero. Carrizal is considered a Festival of Local Tourist Interest.

The Carnivals in Ingenio last several days and include acts such as Proclamation of the festivities, concerts, costume contests, costumes, mascots, great galas such as the Drag Queen Gala, parades, Burial of the Sardine, etc.

Each year the Carnival has a different allegory. The allegory is the theme, for example, the Middle East, the 80s, Mexico, China, etc. This serves as inspiration for people to make their costumes and decorate their floats. Disguised people or “mascaritas” stand out for using spectacular costumes appropriate to the theme of the Carnival of that year without forgetting those designed with a traditional character. Mascarita is a popular term used to describe the person or people who dress up without forgetting the roots of the parties themselves because they go to their imagination to make their costume by going to their closet and their ingenuity to make a spectacular and unique costume.


In Ingenio centro, Carrizal and Playa del Burrero the traditional “Burial of the Sardina” is celebrated. This act is a celebration in which a giant sculpture of a sardine made of cardboard is burned by the locals. It stands out for the explosion of fireworks after the sardine was incinerated at the end of the itinerary established for the parade, continuing with performances of batucadas and comparsas that mark the rhythm of the night.

The fireworks in Playa del Burrero, especially, stand out as a great pyrotechnic show in Gran Canaria because they come out of the sea. This celebration marks the end of the festivities. It is an event worth enjoying.


Event: Carnival of Ingenio (center)
Date: Month of February (coincides with Ash Wednesday)
Place: Plaza de La Candelaria.
Act: Carnival of Carrizal.
Date: Month of March
Place: Carrizal- Playa del Burrero.

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In Ingenio you find different types of trips, from the tranquility that the countryside offers, to the energy rush of kitesurfing, but there is something that remains unchanged, the hospitality of its locals.
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